Be Sure to Taste Your Words before You Spit Them!

Not Everything That Is Faced Can Be Changed, But Nothing Can Be Changed Until It Is Faced.

I Allowed Myself to be Bullied because I was Scared and didn't Know How to Defend Myself .

I was Bullied until I prevented Another Student from getting Bullied.

By Standing Up for Him, I learnt to Stand Up for Myself.

Even the Nicest People have their Limits.

Bullying is for Losers.

Say NO to Bullying.

Would you hurt yourself About us


Hate Is Heavy, Let It Go

Love Yourself and Everyone Around You.

Stop Bullying On The Spot

Parents, school staff, and other adults in the community can help kids prevent bullying by talking about it, building a safe school environment, and creating a community-wide bullying prevention strategy.

Would you hurt yourself Quote

“she” won’t even let me eat my lunch!!

June 1, 2021


okay so I was in grade 5 when this incident occurred….so it was our Library class (which was before our lunch break) and since I was one of the volunteers of library club, me along with 3 of my classmates used to stay back in the library to arrange books, keep them in respective shelves etc. Because of this, I was around 10-15 mins late for my lunch. My mom used to pack lunch for me. That day I had salad, rice and curry for lunch. When I dug the spoon in salad, I realized that someone had put PENCIL SHAVINGS in it!!! I didn’t eat the lunch…then the girl who sat behind me said, “I was told not to tell you this but it was actually done by XYZ (name of my best friend)”…..I was soooo sad that I talked to my parents about this and they asked me to cut ties with her….right now….I don’t even know where she is….but her absence since that day has made me better…